Inspiration Series: Jill Lee Ann Lahey | Amazing Transformation

Inspiration Series: Jill Lee Ann Lahey Talks About Her Transformation

Inspiration Series


Height: 5 ‘ 7
Age: 36
Weight: 350-360lbs
Size: 24/26


Weight: 190lbs
Size: 12/14



 What was it that helped you make the decision to change and live the fitness lifestyle?

I was tired of waking up sad and ashamed every day. I wanted to feel like I was alive and also set a good example for my two children. I was very depressed over my weight and embarrassed of the amount of weight I had gained. I was deleting every picture that included me and in essence removing myself from family memories. I decided one day that I wanted to change my lifestyle and have never looked back.

Where does your motivation come from what is it that keeps you going?

Besides my children, RESULTS. Once I started seeing changes in my body and the weight dropping on the scale, it motivated me even more. I started gaining confidence in myself and inspiring other people.
I would celebrate little things, like my pants fitting better or more weight dropping on the scale. Then I would try and do things to help other people. I signed up to run 5ks to raise money for charities, did spinathons and helped give advice to other people struggling with their weight. Helping other people motivated me and kept me accountable.



 What workout routine has worked best for you?

My workout routine has changed dramatically since I first began my exercise routine. I originally started out with spin classes only for the simple fact that the class was dark I could hide on a bike in the back and get a good cardio workout. I lost about 80lbs alone just doing that but eventually hit a plateau. Once i could no longer go over the plateau, I enlisted in the help of a personal trainer who introduced me to high intensity weight training. I wish I started with this initially, because I dropped 18lbs the first month and my body completely transformed. Now, I love a high intensity workout first thing in the morning.

Full Routine:

4 Rounds of a leg circuit consisting of : 12 squats , 20 speed squats on the bench, Stairs with 2 squats on each step, 20 sumo squats, 20 lunges, 20 box jumps, 12 front squats. 30 minutes on the elliptical.

4 Rounds – 15 Push ups, 20 Decline Press, 15 Chest Fly in and outs, 10 curls with 10 reverse shoulder press, 15 kettle squat press, 12 squat hand clean press, 30 sec treadmill, followed by 30 minutes on treadmill alternating with jogging and walking.

4 sets 12 reps – Overhead squat : bent row, side to side medicine ball: curls, walking lunge with press: single row, Sit up with press: deadlift, Russian twist: meds in and out, running in place with press:t-bar row, Side to side squat press: triceps.

3 sets 20 squats, 30 lunges, 40 calf raises, 1 minute wall sit, 100 jumping jacks, 1 min wall sit, 40 SUMO squats, 30 leg raises, 20 squats. 30 minutes on elliptical.

4 rounds, 15 box jumps, 4 square with 5 squats at each corner, 1 minute rage band, 20 squat jumps, 12 deadlifts, 1 minute treadmill, 15 bosu ball burpees, stairs. 30 minutes treadmill.

2 mile walk/jog

Sunday: Rest

If you had advice for anyone wanting to make the change what would it be?

“Just make the decision to start, even if it is just a small change. Celebrate your success and do not ever give up!”

What was your diet like?

Is it different now? My diet was extremely over-portioned. A typical day for me would be a bagel with cream cheese, a large coffee with cream and sugar, and snacks in-between. I would eat salads for lunch and think I was being healthy despite them having FETA cheese croutons, ranch dressing and bread. For dinner I would eat bread and butter along with pasta and ice cream for dessert. Sometimes, I would skip meals and eat twice as much the next time I ate.

“My diet is completely different now. I have protein in every meal and eat 6 small portions a day. I meal prep weekly and allow myself a cheat meal twice a month on the weekends. I keep it to one meal. A typical day’s food now would be: 2 boiled eggs and a rice cake with peanut butter or a protein shake in the morning. Greek yogurt or oatmeal with a scoop of vanilla protein. Grilled chicken with brown rice and broccoli. Quest bar dinner would be a turkey burger with no bread and lettuce, tomatoes and pickles with a small salad.”

Do you recommend getting a trainer?

I definitely recommend getting a trainer. When I started working out with a trainer, my body transformed. I learned proper form, was held accountable and motivated. I did lose weight on my own, but it is just different with a trainer who would push you to do things out of your comfort zone. Since getting a trainer, my body fat percentages dropped and my strength has increased to levels I would’ve never thought possible.

What is your supplementation like?

I only take a multi vitamin, Biotin and B12.


Favorite Quote?

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: Kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”

-Mother Teresa

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