Fasting to detoxify: Does it work? It is safe?

Fasting to detoxify: Does it work? It is safe?

Cleaning your body and getting rid of toxins is not just about merely taking a shower or bathing; it is much more than that. Showers cleanse the outer skin of your body and most of us ignore the fact that our inner body needs cleansing as well.

The first solution to this problem is cutting down on junk foods, drinks and sodas that harm your body. But what about the pollutants and germs which linger around you in the environment? There is no escaping that! Recently, scientists have claimed that they found traces of toxic rocket fuel in Alaskan bears, which is a clear sign telling us that pollution is everywhere and no one is absolutely safe.

But there are certain ways with which you can cleanse your inner body and remove the toxins within you. This method is called Fasting to detoxify. Fasting is basically a natural and highly effective way to get rid of all pollutants and dangerous elements living in your body.

Through this article, we aim to impart some knowledge and benefits of fasting for detoxifying the body. We will discuss if it is a safe method and whether it works or not.

What is fasting?

Before we start with its benefits, you must have some background information about fasting and what it is. When you fast, you are giving your body a break from eating any type of food. Your body gains more energy during this period as usually a lot of energy is used up in digestion of food. Therefore, during fast, your body can use up that spare energy for other healing such as wounds, or building up on immunity that was destroyed by toxins. Our bodies have miraculous healing power but it is diminished by the growing toxins in our body. Purging the body of these dangerous elements through a fast allows an easy way to start functioning anew.

Fasting is like that restaurant that is open for a few days but all the cooks and waiters show up routinely and perform there work without break. Yes, there are no customers to deal with here but this way, the management will find time to do the work that they have been neglecting, like redecoration. The restaurant can be refurnished; polished, scrubbed clean or maybe new electrical appliances could be purchased. Similarly, your body gets time to purge you of toxins, clean up your intestines, boost your immunity, and get a break from all the junk items you eat before the grand opening (end of fasting!)

Fasting is also a part of religious ritual like among Christians and Muslims. This is used as a spiritual purification and for penitence or as a preparation to union with their God.

What are the types of fasts?

There are various types of fasting techniques. You can choose whichever you feel you can accomplish without any difficulty.

  • Mono fast:


In this type of fast you consume just one type of fruit during a specified period of time. Of course, you are still consuming food, but still your stomach is on a break from digesting complicated food items.

  • Juice fast:


In this type of fast, you consume fruits and vegetables over a specific time period. Both vegetables and fruits are extremely good for body as cleansers. They give you enormous amount of essential vitamins and minerals. This type of fast is excellent to stay away from junk foods and harmful ingredients or preservative foods and only consume natural/organic foods.

  • Water fast:


This is the toughest type of fast and is recommended only to those people who have some serious health issues and have lots of accumulated toxins in their bodies. In this type of fast you are only allowed to drink water for an extended time period.

What is more to a fast?

Some people believe that fasting is just about taking a break from certain foods or from eating anything. But fasting has a lot of other benefits as well. It makes you stronger; it increases your will power and makes you more in control of yourself. When you are avoiding certain foods, you are actually taking a huge step in terms of self-control. You will have plenty of people surrounding you eating unhealthy foods and even on television and social media, but your will power will make you focused on your goal. You learn to avoid what is bad for you with fasting. Scientists have claimed that fast can eliminate diseases like depression, arthritis, heart diseases, ulcerative colitis, lupus, and many skin chronic diseases. It also cures blood pressure issues ad Crohn’s disease.

What are the effects of fasting on your body?

For detoxification from unhealthy toxins that have been accumulated over the years because of regular consumption of junk foods, alcohol and smoking, fasting can also have some symptoms on your body. This time period is known as Healing Crisis where your body is undergoing purging process. It is actually a good thing and there is no need to be worried about. Your body rids your main organs like lungs, colon, liver, skin, lymphatic system and blood from these toxins and thus it makes you feel some of the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Rashes, pimples and itching
  • Irregular bathroom intervals
  • Body odor
  • Pain in joints
  • Thoughts about unhealthy foods
  • Pain in old injuries as they start healing again
  • Lethargy and weakness
  • Cold in feet and hands
  • Intense mood swings
  • Weight loss
  • Forgotten memories that rise again
  • A temporary coloration on tongue
  • Bad breath
  • Flu like symptoms including gas, cold sweat, diarrhea, runny nose, fever, cough, nausea

Once again, it is important to remind yourself that as your body is undergoing a huge change by relieving you of all the unwanted toxins, it is completely normal to feel these effects. They will go away once your detoxification is over and after that, you will feel more refreshed and healthy. As we all have different life styles and a different background, every one of us reacts a little differently to fasting routine. It is also advised that it is best to refer to a doctor before you make any major decision about fasting.


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