Bikini Body

The Bikini-Body: 4 Weeks To Your Best Body!

The Bikini-Body: 4 Weeks To Your Best Body!

Bikini Body is the dream body for every girl out there. Especially during summers, it is a must have. You just can’t sit inside your home and keep those swim suits locked up when the beautiful sun is shining, waiting for you with all its rare and perfect beauty.
You can also have a superb bikini body with just a few workouts and a daily exercise routine. Nowadays, getting in shape is not an unachievable challenge. The only thing that really counts is your dedication and will to reach your goal. Sculpting an eye-catching bikini body that is ideal for others is easy if you train for a couple of hours every day.
There are various workout sessions scheduled according to appropriate reps and requirements. The instructions are generally elaborate and easy to practically perform in your own home, at your own ease. Even if you do not go to a gym on regular basis, it is no problem. You do not need any special equipment to get a nice ideal bikini body.
Generally, the bikini body workout consists of exercises that essentially target the physique from the top to bottom. It consists of various exercises that circulate around lower body, upper body and total body parts. These workouts are used to sculpt the inner body muscles with squats and strengthening shoulders, while hitting hamstrings, quads and glutes.
In this article, we are going to give you the perfect workouts in a gym to attain a superb bikini body.
This exercise routine will help you get the dream bikini body in just 4 weeks. This routine splits the main exercises in one complete month. It consists of supersets, circuits, dropsets while dropping tons of accumulated fat.

Getting started: Week 1

As soon as you get started, familiarize yourself with the main workouts and exercises for your bikini area. You can rest for up to 30 to 45 seconds in between each new workout set and do not miss any set. There will be three days of high intensity training which goes on for 20 minutes every session. These intense workouts are done on treadmill, bike, elliptical or outdoor sprints. High intensity exercises are mostly done on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, alternately, so that your body doesn’t get strained.

Supersets: Week 2

In the following week, you will have to ramp up the intensity of supersets. It is time to pair up the exercises and perform workouts in the form of supersets. Supersets mean that you have to do 2 movements continuously without any break in between. As soon as you complete both exercises, one superset completes.
The first superset contains first 2 exercises; the second contains 3,4th exercises and so on. You can take a rest for 45 seconds in between each superset but not in between the exercises of one superset. You will have to continue the high intensity exercise routine as well.

Super dropsets: Week 3

Continuing the supersets in the third week, you will now also perform a dropset of both these exercises. During the dropsets you continue exercises with low weight after you have achieved failure with high weight.
For example: after completing hamstrings and glutes workout, you will do 3 supersets of lying curls & step ups, just like in week 2. At the fourth superset however, you will do a dropset of lying curls immediately followed with a dropset of step-ups in the routine. Between each supersets, you will get a rest for 45 to 60 seconds.

Circuit speed: Week 4

With week 4 comes increased intensity workouts. You will now perform the exercises every day continuously like a circuit without resting in between. You can rest for 90 seconds after every round and then perform 4 complete rounds. The cardio program continues all along.
The daily workout routines include:

For day 1: Glutes and hamstrings (15 to 20 reps) 4 sets for each exercise

· Lying leg curl

· Step up

· Side step squat

· Romanian deadlift

· Reverse lunge off platform

· Plie dumbbell squat

· Barbell hip thrust

· Cable kickback

For day 2: Shoulders, triceps and chest (12 to 15 reps) 4 sets for each exercise

· Seated Arnold dumbbell press

· Close grip push up

· Dumbbell bent-over rear lateral raise

· Dumbbell lateral-to-front raise

· Upright cable row

· Cable reverse-grip press-down

· Skullcrusher

· Close-grip bench press

Day 3: Plyometrics (10 to 20 reps) 3 sets for each exercise

· Box jump

· Lunge jump

· Squat jump

· Mountain climber

· Burpee (with push-up and jump)

· Ski hop

· Tuck jump

· High skip

For day 4: Quads and calves (10 to 12 reps) 4 sets of each exercise

· Leg extension

· Walking lunge

· Barbell squat

· Split squat

· Leg press

· Calf raise (on leg press)

· Seated calf raise

· Long jump

For day 5: Back and biceps (12 to 15 reps) 4 sets of each exercise

· Wide-grip pull-up

· Underhand inverted row

· Wide-grip lat pull-down

· Underhand bent-over barbell row

· Underhand close-grip lat pull-down

· V-handle seated cable row

· Standing high-pulley cable biceps curl

· Alternating dumbbell hammer curl

For day 6: abs (15 to 20 reps) 3 sets for each exercise:

· Crunch

· Cocoons

· Butterfly crunch

· Bicycle

· Bottoms-up

· Scissor kick

· Plank

· V-up

Besides working out, you should also plan a careful diet. Your culinary habits have a major effect on your body shape. Take a proper nutritious diet that is best for fat loss. Include useful vegetables and fruits and cut down on fat-full foods so that your gym routine has a marvelous effect on your bikini body.

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