Argentinean Liver

Benefits of Argentinean Liver & cytochrome p450

Benefits of Argentinean Liver & cytochrome p450

During your childhood days, when your mom used to urge you to finish the liver for dinner, she was totally right to do so. Beef liver is one of the most nutrition packed foods in the world. All organ meats, in fact, are more than 100 times more nutritious than muscle meat. I know it sounds gross, but this food is highly healthy for people of all ages.

Argentinean liver is not very different from other types of livers but only for its more nutritious nature. Argentinean beef and organs are a vital food in many of the cuisines of this land. The production of Argentinean beef has played key importance in the culture of this country. Many wealthy land owners got into the business of beef production and its exportation. Currently, Argentina has one of highest rates of beef consumption. Argentinean beef production and its quality are owed to two elements: feed lot bred production and grass pastures production. The Argentinean beef made with grass fed production is far better than the feed- lot ones because it contains more omega 3 fatty acids and does not have a huge contribution to raise human cholesterol levels.

Argentinean beef liver has a lot of essential nutritious elements and minerals that make a body healthy and strong. Beef liver is also a source of great strength and is excellent whenever you are feeling exhausted. It is advised by scientists and other nutrition experts to consume more beef liver as a source of instant strength if you often feel lethargic and weak, for no apparent reason. On a side note, this lethargic condition is immensely increasing due to consistent consumption of sodas and other harmful junk food.

Argentinean liver is rich in following compounds:

  • It is rich in bioavailable iron
  • It is a good source of vitamin B12 and all other B vitamins.
  • It has high quality protein availability
  • Beef liver also contains Folate B9
  • Important elements like copper, zinc and chromium that are required by our body in minimal quantities are also found in beef liver,
  • It is also a superb source of Vitamin A.
  • Beef liver also consists of Healthy CoQ10 which is good for heart.

One of the best benefits of eating Argentinean beef liver is possibly its enriched Vitamin B12 ingredient that is a sure jackpot for healthy food consumers. Therefore it is highly recommended that you should consume this organ at least once every week. Vitamin B12 can cure many nervous system disorders that are caused by its deficiency. It you often suffer from vague symptoms like difficulty in thinking or any other cognitive function, beef liver is a must for you. It can control panic attacks, weakness, numbness in hands or feet, lethargy and balance loss, mood swings including depression or agitation etc.

The only problem with eating Argentinean liver is its terrible taste that makes it almost impossible to consume. We understand this issue and so do many supplement makers. Ergo, many drug production companies and pharmaceutical companies have now launched desiccated liver capsules containing liver powder that can be consumed easily. This is by far the most convenient way to get liver in your body; other people prefer taking Argentinean liver by adding it to stews, smoothies, soups, broths, gravies etc.

Another very important amino acid called hepapressin is also prepared from Argentinean bovine liver and it is used to normalize the disturbed immune dysfunction.

Cytochrome P450:

One of the most necessary tasks for your body is to continuously eliminate toxins and harmful compounds from your body and do not let them accumulate inside. This process prevents your form the potential disasters that can be caused due to the toxic junk foods we eat. The food that is broken down by the stomach passes through the small intestine and then gets transferred to the liver. Liver’s function is to detoxify these compounds before they are delivered to the circulatory system. However, inside the liver there are many metabolic reactions. One of those reactions, called phase one metabolism, uses Cytochrome P450 enzymes for these reactions. It is responsible for unmasking OH groups, hydrolysis, redox reactions etc.

This highly important enzyme comprises of 57 genes which have immensely essential roles in foreign chemicals, metabolism of drugs, arachidonic acid, cholesterol metabolic reactions, steroid synthesis, bile acid biosynthesis, retinoic acid hydroxylation, vitamin synthesis etc. it also serves as a hepatic drug detoxifier apart from playing a vital role in enzymatic reactions. Any problem in CYP genes can cause clinically relevant diseases and cause issues in metabolism reaction.

In humans, cytochrome P450 is situated in the inner membranes of endoplasmic reticulum or mitochondria, which is the power house of a cell. Cytochrome p450 is basically a metabolizer of thousands of different types of exogenous and endogenous chemicals. Different CYPs metabolize various numbers of substrates. CYP450 has a vital importance in the field of medicine. It is essential for hormone synthesis and also in the breakdown of estrogen and testosterone, while also metabolizing them. It also functions to metabolize endogenous product like bilirubin which is found in liver.

CYP is found in beef liver in large quantities thus due to its remarkable properties, specialists recommend that people consume more beef liver so that their body doesn’t run out of CYP450 and keeps functioning well. It will help eliminate the toxic substances and solve many drug related issues. It purges the body from all poisonous compounds.


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