Achieve Fat Loss Working

How To Achieve Fat Loss Working 9 to 5?

How To Achieve Fat Loss Working 9 to 5?


As a 9 to 5 job worker, sitting on desk for most part of the day makes it difficult to maintain the health, undoubtedly. But it doesn’t mean that you should ignore your health and not care about it at all. There are certain ways you can still manage your health or workout routines even if you have a tight schedule or even a strict budget.
According to the studies done by health researchers, a lot of desk workers or the people who are stuck with the 9 to 5 routine cannot take out time for proper workout sessions every day. As a result they are more prone to heart diseases and obesity. Many of them also suffer from different metabolic malfunctioning syndromes. This is terrible news for a lot of people but don’t worry: there are a lot of other tips that you can indulge in to avoid these health issues and stay smart, do your job well, be even more productive and keep your boss happy.
The following tips and tricks will absolutely change your lifestyle, decrease your weight and help you achieve your health targets more easily if you stick to them like humans stick to technology nowadays.


  • Decrease or eliminate anything that may hinder your appetite or add unnecessary calories to your total daily requirements. This may include FAT BURNERS, CAFFEINE, PRE-WORKOUTS, SUPPLEMENTS, ALCOHOL, FOOD WITH HIGH FAT CONTENT. We are all different and our bodies all respond differently to the list of items I have  mentioned but be mindful of them. Anything that effects your appetite should be kept to a minimum, even when losing fat it is essential to eat the proper amounts of macro-nutrients each and everyday.  Try drinking as much water as you can and I highly recommend crystal light. There is plenty of research showing a healthy digestive system is a healthy body.


  • PACK YOUR OWN MEALS! This should be a given for anyone who is serious about being healthy and getting into serious shape. Lets face it our lives can be unpredictable and there are unforeseen circumstances that may pop up during a busy work day, having food prepared in advance gives you complete control of what goes into your body at all times. Remember this is a lifestyle, while it may take extra effort of doing the necessary food shopping, portioning, and packing of your meals eventually it will become a breeze. Your body will thank you and your new look will having you saying “It was worth it!”. Some of you may be thinking “well I can purchase my food during the day”, while you may be able to do so you should never relinquish control of what your ingesting. Your favorite restaurant, dinner, etc isn’t concerned about the amount of sugar you eat or how many grams of carbs or protein you should be eating.  Your employer or boss may not be to concerned with your eating habits as much as he/she is concerned with how much your producing.. BE PREPARED.


This might sound a bit odd but its hard to dispute the fact that people find creative ways to burn up some extra calories while at work, especially for those sitting at a desk for a majority of the day. Find what works best and if your creative enough you can make it fun and exciting at the same time. Something as simple as going for a walk during breaks rather than dozing in your chair or checking your social media pages will having you burning extra calories that will add up in the coming weeks and months. Its also beneficial to your mind as it will help you think more clearly as well as focus better. The more oxygen rich blood that circulates throughout your body the more toxins are being removed, the more mobility you will have,  reduced muscle  injury, and marked improvement in lungs function.

Here are some things you may be able to do:

  1. Put your chair to more use than simply sitting in it. You can use your chair as exercise equipment.  You can do incline push-ups, triceps dips, squat taps, knee tucks and seated leg extension for as much number of reps as suits you. It will be a great addition in your boring desk work routine.
  2. Ride to work on your bike: if your office is located in an area that is almost 15 minutes close to your home, you can ride your cycle to it or walk to it instead of taking the bus. It will be a good morning exercise, open up your mind and decrease drowsiness.
  3. Take the stairs instead of elevators: To become more active during office hours, try to take the stairs instead of elevators or escalators. Most of the people find it an efficient and effective leg exercise that helps in fat loss.

Try out these tricks and tips and we are sure that your weight loss goals will be easier to achieve and a lot more enjoyable.

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