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Looking to add some more muscle mass? Try these 6 tips for building muscle mass that will not only fight your fast metabolism but also lead you towards healthy eating resulting in gain in your muscle mass. There are a slew of lifting techniques and nutritional changes that will allow you to spark new growth but it will be up to you to figure out what works best for your body. Even though it is a fact that your muscle is not built overnight and requires a lot of efforts and time, following the tips below will make you see a major difference in yourself.

Here are my top 6 tips to help you build muscle mass

The number one key to a healthy body or gaining a muscle mass is dependent on the type of diet you are following. No good can be achieved by only spending hours at the gym and eating whatever you feel like every time. One has to be consistent and determinant to follow a specific diet while on your journey towards building a body muscle mass. If you are currently having 2000 calories per day, increase it up to 2500 calories a day or more, keeping in mind that you are eating clean and not in big quantities. There are lots of people who train hard but do not give up on their eating habits; hence, the result is zero. Start taking your food seriously and make it a habit by including it in your routine rather than making it an afterthought.

Here are a few food items you should include in your diet; skinless chicken, lean beef, eggs, cottage cheese, oat meal, tuna or any other fish, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats such as nuts.

  • Shorten your Training Sessions

The gym is not a place to be focusing on your socializing skills and spend half your time talking with other gym members, instead, one should try to make the most of each training session. Try to keep it at an hour or less. What’s more effective and challenging is that whatever type of programs you are training, keep them under an hour making the intensity of your workouts high rather than dragging them on.

  • Alter your Workout Routine

Change your workout plan if it suggests you to focus on your entire body in a day rather than specific parts of your body. Divide your workout in different days focusing on different body parts for each day. What you can do is make your workout plan something like this, keeping Mondays for biceps and chest while Tuesdays for triceps and back and so on. This way more stress and pressure is put on your specific body part resulting in growth of more muscle fibers. Also, reverse your sets, for instance if on your first set you do 10 reps, on second set you do 15 reps and on third set you do 20 reps, change it to first set with 20 reps, second set with 15 reps and thirds set to 10 reps. This way you can lift more weight initially and less on the latter.

Burning fat and gaining muscle are different things. If one wants to burn fat, they should go for cardio training whereas, if one wants to gain muscle they should go for a proper strength training program. Bounding yourself to cardio training will only limit your muscle growth and will decrease your body fat burning up amino acids and glycogen. If you are really into cardio and want to add it to your workout plan, try interval training that too not more than half an hour, thrice a week.

  • Change Rep Range Every Month

The secret to building your body muscle mass is to get stronger. Getting stronger here means that the stronger you are the more weights you will be able to lift, the more challenge you will be able to take hence, more muscular you will be. Sticking to the same workout plan will eventually stop bringing any change to your body at some point, so it is better to change your workout plans every month to make it effective. Changing the reps and types of exercises will make your body adapt to new pressures and stress causing you an increase in the weight in the form of your muscles.

Water consumption is a big problem nowadays for every other person. An adequate amount of water consumption is one of the most overlooked factors when you are on your journey to a healthy lifestyle, general fitness or building of body muscle mass. Your body needs a great amount of water to build and gain muscle at an optimal rate. Also, I’m sure you are aware that your body comprises of 70% water, so if you are dehydrated your muscle size and weight will also be affected. A fact about water consumption and muscle building is that 1 pound muscle can hold up to 3 pounds of water. Adding it all up, that makes it a lot of size. Want to know how much water intake are you getting? Here’s a little formula that will tell you about it:

Water Intake in Ounces = Body weight in pounds/lbs. X0.6

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